Sunday, November 6, 2011


Today at lunch, Stephen and I were chatting when Max all of a sudden said "Excuse me Mom and Dad." He looked pretty serious as he asked "Can we bring my sister home tomorrow?" Oh bud, how I wish we could say "yes!" and have that be the case. We had a really good convo about how we have to wait, and continue to pray for her, for her health, and for her to be well cared for...just like we did Max while we waited for him to come home. He really seems to understand exactly what is happening through this process, and we loving sharing with him about it. I know among other things, Max is super excited to FINALLY one day have a picture of his sister. We're right there with you kiddo!

Yesterday we went to Cracker Barrel and picked up the CUTEST little baby doll!!! A friend of mine on a facebook adoption group had spotted it and posted a picture...I couldn't resist!!! She has dark skin and black hair, just like our perfect little girl will have! And its super soft! You could tell Max was a super proud big brother carrying it up to the register. Can't wait to see the two of them together!!!

Our paperwork is moving along really quickly and we're praying like crazy for continued smooth sailing......we're coming baby girl!


Catiejoyce said...

I love this post! My boys are the same way. I wish I had their concept of time sometimes. So glad he is so excited to become a big brother!!

B.A. said...

Love it! What a sweet big brother he will be! - Beth Anne