Saturday, August 13, 2011

North Carolina 2011

We had another FABULOUS trip to North Carolina! We spent a week with family, and it was a perfect trip! Max had a fun over night with Grandma and Grandpa and we enjoyed a super fun day at Tweetsie Railroad (a super cute amusement park with an old time steam engine that Max loved!) The weather was perfect and it was great to have us all together! With Stephen's sister and brother-in-law living in NYC, his folks in North Carolina and us in Illinois, we really treasure these times when all seven of us can be together! We also took the opportunity to celebrate Max's upcoming 4th birthday! He understands that the big day isn't until August 29th....but he also understands that its VERY fun to take every chance he can to celebrate! He got a slip-n-slide (which he's already mastered the perfect technique for!), a microphone with stand (seriously the PERFECT gift for him!!) and karaoke machine (another PERFECT fit!) some Thomas the Train toys, a couple new books, a wooden train to sit on his book shelf and so many other things I can't even remember! He had such a great time....I think he thought it was Christmas again! Speaking of Christmas, that's when we'll all be together again...and we're super excited about it!!! Hope you enjoy all the pictures!!

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