Tuesday, August 30, 2011

He's growing up folks!!

Oh my! I don't know if I can take much more of this growing up thing! Max turned 4 yesterday....4!!! Are you kidding me! He was just turning three...we were just packing our bags, heading to Thailand....and now he's four.....time has flown! And now today he headed off to his first day of preschool! Seriously, too much change! I'm so excited and proud of him, don't get me wrong....but man oh man...he's supposed to be my baby a little bit longer!

We had such a blast celebrating his birthday together! We've already celebrated far too many birthdays apart....so Stephen and I were beyond excited to finally be all together for Max's big day. When Max woke up on Saturday we surprised him and told him we were heading on a road trip for his birthday. We drove up north and took him to "A Day Out With Thomas the Train"! Oh my goodness, he had a blast! He kept saying "we get to ride on Thomas?!?!" We went to a Japanese hibachi restaurant for dinner and it was a perfect ending to the day. The waiters brought Max out a HUGE ice cream sundae and sang him happy birthday, complete with a big drum!

On his actual birthday, we kept the fun going! We had lunch out with Stephen and then let Max pick his favorite meal for me to make at home for dinner. And not surprisingly at all....he chose spaghetti! He got himself a scooter and a keyboard along with some other smaller gifts. We also discovered recently that his legs are finally long enough for him to reach the pedals on his bike, so after presents we headed outside to ride! Then it was cake time! Stephen and I are definitely NOT professionals when it comes to cake decorating but we had a really good time making it, and Max seemed to think it tasted good, so that's all that matters!

Really it was just a super special family day! We got to love on our boy and I got to pretend for one more day that he wasn't about to head off to preschool!

But.....then today happened! And now there's no going back! He's most definitely a preschooler! He had a such a blast on his first day and already can't wait to go back! I really am excited for him...and I'm so proud that he's in mainstream preschool...having learned so much in the short ten months he's been home! He looks so grown up in these pictures! So many big things happening these days...I'm ready to just settle into this schedule and enjoy it!

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The Collins Family said...

Love how in Max's school pic he has his hand in his pocket...he does look soooo grown up :(