Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When I grow up.......

Stephen and I will be more than proud of Max, no matter what he grows up to be, but I think if he had to pick today, he'd say "doctor!!!" Max got a doctor kit for Christmas, and he loves to play with it! Yesterday, he came with me to my doctor appt, and little did I know how observant he was being!!! Today, he is literally copying everything the doctor did!!! He listened to my lungs, looked in my eyes and ears, tested my reflexes, took my blood pressure and then gave me medicine!!! And then, when I was all fixed up, he started on "healing" Elmo!!!

Seriously, I know I brag on Max ALL the time (can you blame me?!?!) but he is so incredibly smart! Here he is, a three year old, in a brand new world, seeing all these crazy new things, and twenty minutes in a doctor's office and he can go through the whole appt and recreate it! His memory is crazy!!! So darn proud of that boy!!!!

We're getting a little stir crazy with all this snow and FREEZING cold weather, but February is going to bring a little change of pace. We already go to story time at the library on Tuesdays, but next month, we're going to be adding Toddler Gym and swim lessons to the mix! I'm really looking forward to it. I think Max is going to LOVE it!!!!!

Hope you're all staying warm!

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Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

What a cute and smart little guy! I'm so glad that you went public on your blog now. I was following your blog before you left for Thailand. But, for some reason I must have missed out on the invite to view the private blog. So, now I've gotten all caught up on your adventure in Thailand and after bringing him home. How exciting! And you moved, too! Wow! You seem to be handling all of the changes quite well. Will you be at the Thai reunion in Chicago next year? E-mail me at japaneseartist@me.com