Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wisconsin = BEAUTIFUL

So, I admit, when my schedule worked out that I was able to join Stephen on a business trip, I was pumped....but then I found out the trip was to Wisconsin! Wisconsin?! Why couldn't it be one of his trip to LA or Florida?! But, my apologies to Wisconsin. It was awesome! We spent most of our time in Door County, the peninsula that juts out into Lake Michigan, and it was incredible. The leaves were still on the trees and the colors were beyond words. Who knew a place like that existed so far north? We had a fabulous time, met some great people, and got to relax a bit. For those who are looking for a fun getaway, its perfect. Quaint streets with little shops and B&B's along the water. Perfect!

On the adoption front.......well nothing new. Our social worker is on vacation (which I suppose she's entitled to!!) so we won't be hearing anything for sure until she gets back in another week or so.

My awesome husband got me some really great stuff for my b-day and once I get the pictures together from that I'll be sure to post them. Now, we're off to Ohio for the weekend to spend some time with our super awesome friends. Can't wait!


Robin and Kyle said...

Shhh! We try not to let anyone know how awesome it is here. It would get crowded. =)

Megan said...

I love Wisconsin!! I grew up spending my summers there. Always thought I would end up living in Wisconsin! Sounds like great ways to spend your time waiting!