Sunday, October 4, 2009

A present for our little man!!!

Tonight Stephen and I went out and bought Max a few things to send along with his photo album. It was so much fun! Of course, we had to watch ourselves, I think we were tempted to buy the whole store. Our social worker reminded us to keep things small and simple for now. So, that's what we did. He's now got a toy truck, a book with simple English words, a coloring book, a super cute truck t-shirt, and a bear to snuggle with. And, of course, the thing that excites us the most is that Max will now have pictures of his mom and dad!!!

I also have to take a little time to brag on my awesome husband a little bit. Since we set out on this journey of adoption, I have been looking forward to the day that we got to share our news with our awesome church family. I thought we would have to postpone the big announcement until next week since Stephen had to be on campus this weekend for work. Well, Stephen pulled some strings at work and planned the big reveal with our pastor without me knowing! It was the coolest thing. Our beautiful little boy's face up on our big projector screen and the pure joy and support of our whole church family. It was awesome!!!!! And sooooo emotional. I feel like all week all I've done is cried tears of joy. Its been great!

Now for Stephen's birthday tomorrow! He wants to spend the day painting Max's room. What an awesome dad! We're going with blue, and we've chosen the cutest bedding. I'll be sure to post pictures when we're done!

Stephen and Angie


Kam said...

WooHoo for surprises and for church families who walk this road prayerfully with you! Ours has been amazing and it's such a blessing. This is the set love upon someone who does not love us yet, to choose, to bring them in as sons, for His good pleasure. Ephesians 1...beautiful!

Megan said...

How thoughtful of your husband and so wonderful to have that kind of support!! I love the goodies you got together for Max! It is hard not to buy everything, isn't it?! Can't wait to see the pics of the nursery and Happy Birthday, Stephen!


rosemary said...

What a sweet husband! I love your " big reveal story". Have fun painting that room!