Thursday, June 26, 2014

One year ago....

So, turns out when you get out of the habit of blogging...... well, you can easily REALLY get out of the habit of blogging :)

Yesterday was Ellie's first forever family day!!  This past year has been full of very challenging times but has been worth every tear and moment of frustration.

Ellie is FULL of joy and such an incredible little girl.  We are so unbelievably blessed to get to call her ours!  I journal to each of the kids as a way of sharing my joys and concerns with things we encounter together.  I pray someday when they are older they will see them as a gift and a fun way to walk back through some memories.  I reread what I wrote to Ellie on June 25th of last year and remember the emotion of that day so clearly.  Though I can only imagine the hurt and confusion that she must have been experiencing, it was INSANELY difficult to be the sole source of her pain.  She found comfort in Stephen (which was a very special time for them) but couldn't even bare to have me make eye  with her.  I wrote to her "Take all the time you need baby girl, but trust me, one day our bond is going to be incredible!!" Boy, I had no idea!!  this little lady blows every dream of being a mommy of a girl out of the water!  She loves this flawed momma of hers something fierce!! 

We had to head to St. Louis for some dr's appointments so we decided to use the trip to celebrate our girl and do all the things she loves most.... eat, play outside and swim! 

Ellie we love you more than you'll ever know.  We are so blessed to be your family!!!

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