Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday fun!

We are LOVING Ellie's first Christmas season home!  We've created a "Countdown to Christmas" that began the day after Thanksgiving and each day we've had a fun family activity!  We've been making cookies, putting up and decorating the tree, looking at lights around town, donating toys, surprising neighbors and strangers with small Christmas gifts...its been great!  We even got a TON of snow to really make it feel like Christmas :)  Ellie was hesitant for the first few minutes but quickly saw how much fun Max was having!  Her favorite thing by far is the sled! 

Our girl is growing in so many ways!  She is so full of joy and seems so secure these days.  Its an amazing things to witness...your child really finding their place in your family.  What an incredible blessing God chose us to walk this amazing journey of adoption....twice!

 All bundled up for the first time :)

The cutest tree helpers!

 More icing covered fingers were licked then the actual house decorated, but we had a great time!

Her smile says it all!

Our annual ornaments!  This year, Ellie picked out her own...the way it SHOULD be!!

The kids retelling the nativity story using their own manger scene.  Ellie plays with it all day long, she loves it!

 The best cookie bakers ever!


Chandra Regan said...

Christmas with kids is such a treat, isn't it? Have fun!

Amanda said...

I definitely teared up reading this. I completely felt the same way watching our little girl. It's her first Christmas with us too and it has been so fun to watch her be a part of our family. It's exactly what I saw in my head last Christmas.