Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A place just for Ellie!

Just in time for our I-800 to come in the mail....Ellie's room is finished!!!  I had the most AMAZING Mother's Day with my two favorite guys....complete with our long awaited adoption papers wrapped up in an envelope with the words "to mommy, love Ellie" on the front!  My hubby is the sweetest!!

My sweet boy in front of the "Happy Mother's Day" sign and his hand print at church.

We are praying we will be on a plane around June 23rd and see our girl on the 27th!!!  Our agency is getting all the final approvals for us to appear before the Adoption Board on July 3rd and as long as they do then those will be our dates!  To think I'm only a little more than a month away from holding my baby girl!!! 

So here is her bedroom.....I loved every minute of sanding and painting her furniture, making her curtains, and folding her clothes.  I just can't wait to have her sleeping in her bed, playing with her toys, twirling around the middle of her room!

**just a little disclaimer....these were taken on my phone, the quality is terrible, and her ceiling light adds a horrible glare...but you can still get the idea :)

Scapbook paper heart garland hanging above E's bed.

 Max made Ellie both the canvas art and the painted "E" on the top shelf!

  The first baby doll we bought for Ellie!  It will be traveling
 with us to Thailand!

So many fun dress up clothes!!!

 Thank you Pinterest for the DIY curtain idea!

The perfect addition to E's room made by her Aunt Rae-Rae!

Well we're officially "ready" I do believe!  The night I took the pictures, I also started packing :)  It has been so fun, laying out her outfits, along with the perfect shoes and hair bows to go with them!  Please continue to pray as the last couple weeks are going to FLY by.  Pray Ellie's visa is processed quickly and accurately and there are no unforeseen issues that keep us from our girl!!!  Thank you all so much for your love and support!  


Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

So beautiful! I feel your excitement!

Brazenlilly said...

It's so beautiful! I love all the little details done in such love. We're all getting excited with you! --Jen T.