Friday, January 4, 2013

So blessed

We had an AMAZING Christmas!  And before I go any further, let me warn you....there are a TON of pictures....truly a TON!!!
Rocking the Christmas Eve pj's!

 Birthday card for Jesus (see the awesome manger scene Max drew?!) and letter to Santa.

 Retelling the nativity story.

 We had planned to be in our new house for Christmas morning but there was a mix up with the needed paperwork so we ended up having to push our closing back a week :(  But, we rolled with the punches and had a fun Christmas morning amongst a TON of boxes.  We dug plates and coffee mugs out and had our traditional cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate while Stephen read the Christmas story and then Max got busy opening his gifts from us.  The fun part about this year was that Max also got to open all of Ellie's gifts.  He loved that part just as much I think!  I have to be honest I LOVE buying girl stuff!!!  I'm going to have to be very careful!!

LOVE the excitement when he first sees the presents under the tree!  And yes, that is in fact our headboard and footboard in the hallway!  Literally EVERYTHING in the house was ready to be moved!

 The sweet gifts Max made for Stephen and I at school.

 Stephen's favorite gift he got for Max.  Instead of "Goodnight Moon" its "Goodnight Aggieland' and teaches kids all about the fun traditions of Texas A&M.  Max has asked to have it read every night since Christmas!

 Max's Santa gift.  Does he look excited or what?!?!  His love for baseball is still strong and he has been asking for a catchers mask since just after last Christmas.  This boy is truly a sports nut!

 Look at all the pink!!!

 Max's awesome gits from Lek and Edmond in Thailand!!

After we finished presents, we Skyped with Stephen's folks so they could watch Max open their gifts.  Stephen's sister and brother-in-law got Max the game Perfection.  Have you ever played that game?  Where you have to fit the different shaped pieces into the game board before the timer goes off and it pops up at you?  Max LOVES scares him something awful.....but he loves it!  Grandma and Grandpa got Ellie the sweetest doll with her name stitched across the dress!

 How sweet is that?!?!

Then it was off to my folks this year.  We had another "Christmas morning" on the 26th.  It was a ton of fun with all the kids, celebrating my Dad's birthday, playing games, and eating way too much!
Frosting Christmas cookies!

 The SUPER cute ornaments and blankets my mom made for all of the grandkids.

Max LOVED his blanket!

Each year the kids make presents for eachother.  Max made his cousins super hero capes, and they made him monster shoes!  I LOVE this tradition!

The tu-tu "Ellie" made for Hattie!


 Testing out one of my dad's Christmas presents, 3-D DVD player!  

Just like the Christmas before we brought Max home, this year Ellie had just as many presents under the tree as all the other grandkids.  Its not that I'm surprised, I  know how much she is loved, but there is something so emotional about seeing her name on all the pink wrapped gifts and opening them, knowing one day soon she'll be playing with that princess castle, or cuddling with that baby.  It was so important for Max to see too, he has asked several times throughout our journey to bring Ellie home if this is "how things were before I came home?"  Things like "did you pray for me every night too?" or "did you get my room ready just like this?"  And now "did you have presents under the tree for me when I was still in Thailand?"  It has created such awesome opportunities for conversations.

Sooo ready for dress-up, tea parties and princess castles!!!

 Baby dolls were my favorite as a little girl....she's pretty set in that department!

This weekend my parents came in and helped us settle into the new place.  The guys installed new light fixtures throughout the house while my mom and I had a blast decorating!  Now the only places I really need to focus on are the kids rooms!  Super excited to get my girls room ready for her!!!

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Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

I love how you're managing to stay positive during the long waiting process for your daughter. Someday you can look back on it and it won't seem as long. Way to stay strong! Max seems like such an awesome kid! I bet he'll make a great big brother!