Saturday, October 15, 2011

1st Annual Family Day!!!

One year ago today.....I seriously remember it like it was yesterday! I was unbelievably excited as we rode in the cab to Pakkred Babies home, but I also couldn't shake this feeling of almost needing to throw up! I was about to officially become Mom....and boy oh boy that feeling was BIG!!! And then suddenly, there he was...slightly terrified of all the chaos around him but undeniably the most adorable little boy we had ever seen! Even though I feel like EVERY detail of our two weeks in Thailand are still so fresh in my mind, its like it was yesterday.....I don't remember much of anything that was said to us during that hour or so we were at the babies home....I couldn't take my eyes off of Max!!! Nothing else mattered in that moment...he has there...right in front of us...and it was magical!!! And now, a year has passed, seriously?!?! A year?! I still can't quite grasp feels like just yesterday in some ways. All that time of waiting to bring him home...and these last 12 months have FLOWN by! But on the other hand...I think back and its as if Max has always been a part of our lives, he's ours, 100%. The family that the three of us have become is a true testament to the awesomeness that is our God! We prayed for this incredible little boy not knowing his face or his name....but our Father knew him all along....had a plan for not only our lives but for his!! Stephen and I have been blessed in ways we never even imagined we would by being "mom" and "dad" to this awesome little boy! And today we reminded him a gazillion times just how super cool he is!!! We talk a ton about adoption, and Thailand, and the trip that Stephen and I took to bring him home, but we wanted to especially remind him today just how special he is, and just how much we prayed and longed for him. We let him pick what we did today...and it turned into a pretty cool day! Lots of pictures ahead!!!

First stop, Curtis Orchard! Fall incarnate really! We stocked up on donuts, cider and apples!!! So yummy!

For lunch, we headed to Flesor's Candy Kitchen! Yummy food....but of course that's not what we were there for!!!

Next on Max's wish list....bowling!! He's never been before, and he's been talking about wanting to go forever! So, today was the day, and according to Max, it didn't disappoint! He had a great time, and so did Stephen and I! Check out the score....Max really kept up thanks to the bumpers! I am truly terrible at bowling...but the bumpers came in handy for me too! And check out Max's strike! That was completely on his own...without the bumpers....he was jumping up and down cheering for that one!

And, to round out the evening, we headed to the baseball diamond close to our house. Max want to run the bases and practice batting. He's pretty pumped about getting to play next year, so we're getting in practices now while the weather's still nice!

We ended the night watching the dvd that Max's Aunt Rae-Rae made for us. Its a slide show of pictures of Max before we brought him home, and then pictures of the three of us in Thailand together. Its an incredible gift, and makes me cry every time I watch it!!! What a great day...with an amazing boy!!!

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