Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Here we go again....Yay!!!!

We have officially begun the paperwork for our second adoption! We are praying that we'll be bringing a little girl home from Thailand some time in the next two years! We've chosen to work with a new international agency this time around.....but we're sticking with LCFS for our homestudy and post placement "stuff". They were so awesome through Max's adoption, and really worked so hard to pick up all the pieces of the mess created by our international agency.....there's no way we'd work with anyone else! For the international portion, we've chosen New Beginnings out of New York. They place "special needs" children which is what we were looking for. We knew we wanted to request a little girl, and we knew we wanted a waiting child. With my medical background and God blessing us and allowing me to now stay home full time, it has been on our hearts since the start of our adoption journey with Max to bring home a child that might need extra medical attention. We thought that might be the case with Max, but he's such a rock star the most "extra medical attention" he's needed is a few dr.'s visits! We can certainly handle that!

We've been told to "expect two years" start to finish, but "pray for less." And you know we'll be doing that! Start to finish, we brought Max home just one month shy of two years. While we were in the middle of the waiting, it seemed never ending, but now we're just two weeks short of celebrating the one year anniversary of having him home! So, we're praying that maybe having this awesome guy to journey through the waiting period with us will make it that much easier! He's sold on the idea of having a sister....and he's for sure ready to be a big brother! He loves talking about how his sister is "being born in Thailand just like me!" He's very interested in helping us choose a name.....although I'm not 100% sure we'll go with his first choice. I just don't love the way "Chicken Nugget Kull" flows! He was very proud to make his sign for the picture. His writing skills are getting better and better. I wrote the words out and he traced them and then colored in the arrow. That's definitely one drawing that will be going in the keepsake box!

We're so excited about this process! Feels like just yesterday we were mailing off all the papers to begin Max's adoption! God revealed so much to us during those two years......I remember days of feeling his presence so strongly it was as if a literal hand was guiding our direction.....and I remember days of kneeling down next to Max's empty bed sobbing, feeling so alone and unsure. But God's timing and provision was (and continues to be) PERFECT and I am so ridiculously excited to see the journey as it unfolds!

We so covet your prayers right now, as we wait....and wait some more! I'll continue to share daily fun things in the life of Max on this blog, but also update you all on the adoption. Thanks for all your support!


Kam said...

WooHoo! You said it perfectly...we are in the same exact boat and stepping out into the water with our eyes on Him!

The Collins Family said...

SOOO unbelievably excited.

Jenn said...

Yay! I can't wait to watch you along the way again, so exciting!!!!