Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Please consider supporting us through Kingdom Kids Adoption Ministries

Stephen here. So no big news, still waiting. Just thought we would post a little update. We are STILL waiting on the Child History. We have now officially been waiting 308 days for this. Once we get this, we are told things can go much quicker. We did get news that there is a Thai volunteer that sees him at the Babies Home on a weekly basis and she has agreed to start teaching him some English words and showing him pictures of his "mommy" and "daddy". We are very happy to know they will be doing that for him. Angela is ahead of me in her lessons of Rosetta Stone - Thai Level One, so I need to get cracking.

On another note, we wanted to tell you about a ministry we are involved with called Kingdom Kids Adoption Ministries. They have agreed to serve as a means to gather financial support towards our adoption expenses. You can give by check or online and your gift is tax-deductible, and then funds are disbursed to our expenses. In order for the gift to be tax deductible, our names cannot be written on the checks. A post-it or additional note would suffice. No gift is too small and we appreciate those of you who have already given. We have raised about $2,100 so far through this method. We can also send you a brochure if you would like, just let us know. Here is their address and link to give online:

Kingdom Kids Adoption Ministries
Attn: Donna Bost
1417 North Lincoln Street
Spokane, WA 99201


We hope to be able to post pictures soon. Just not sure when/if that will be allowed. I believe we will have to make the blog private, so watch for notification of when that happens. We know this is a very busy time for you all, and thank you for considering us in your giving this year. We hope that you have a wonderful Christmas with your family. Please continue to keep up with us during the process. We really are blessed for all of your love, prayers, and encouragement.

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