Friday, January 2, 2009

Baby Kull's first Christmas (in our hearts)!

Happy New Year everyone!

We have always known how awesome our family and friends are, but this Christmas we were very reminded of all the love and support we've been blessed with. On Christmas morning, we had as many gifts to open for Baby Kull as we did for ourselves! The t-shirt we got is from my parents and I can't wait to wear it! They also got us an awesome baby book that is for adopted children, and its great. There's a place for us to write about Stephen and I as a couple and why we chose adoption, and there's spots to put picture of all the baby's first. And they aren't your typical firsts like "first step" (our child will likely already be walking) but there are things like "first family holiday together" and "first birthday celebrated as a family" I can't wait to fill it up! My parents also got Baby Doo (Stephen and I decided we needed a nickname to call our baby, and its a long story, but that's what we came up with) a Little Tykes Noah's Ark, complete with all the animals. Its the baby's first toy, and I can't wait for them to play with it! And we got some books that I think will really help us build our baby's vocab.

Stephen's sister Virginia crocheted us this BEAUTIFUL blue blanket and I don't know if she intended for it to go in the nursery but we think it will look perfect there! Stephen's cousins Mark and Heidi got us two Thai cookbooks that I can't wait to use! I'm a little nervous, seeing as how traditional recipes don't always turn out so good for me, but I am definitely up for the challenge!

My brother and sister in law made us the wall hanging that says "A match made in heaven." I can't believe how creative Rachael is. She is definitely going to come in handy when we decorate the nursery!!! We also received a letter from our future baby, complete with an authentic return address from an orphanage in Thailand. We received the letter on Christmas eve and both Stephen and I cried when we read the words, telling us how much our child is looking forward to meeting us and how they already feel our love for them. I hope Michael and Rachael know how much that letter meant to us. It also came with key chains that say "Someone in Thailand loves me" and we are proudly carrying them with us!

My grandma also sent us a blanket and a super cute "lovey". Its a green and white dog and Stephen and I have already decided that it will be the first thing we put in our first care package to our baby. We are encouraged to send things to our baby once we received their name, that way they have things from us, and things of there own that they can bring with them here. I'm excited to hold that stuffed animal and think someday our child might hold it as they fall asleep!

The second picture is our nursery as it is now. We've decided not to buy any furniture or decorate completely. We really want to make that room special and individualized for our baby, so we'll wait until we get our referral. But, its been absolutely impossible to pass by the baby section and not splurge once in a while.

We also just want to say a special thank you to those who gave us special, heartfelt gifts towards our adoption fund. We never expected to receive such generous donations, but please know that your gift means soooooo much and we can never say thank you enough.

Happy New Year everyone and we pray God will bless you abundantly! We love you!

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